Lose it!

Currently, Lose It! is the popular losing weight app that provides very good basic food and exercise tracking and community tools, and as with any diet app or tool (even a paper journal!) helping to count calories, it will help you lose weight! No matter which app you select, as long as you stick to it, it will help you!

As for new users, you need to fill in basic information like gender, height, weight, weight goal and how much you want to lose each week (maximum two pounds per week). Afterwards, Lose It! will give the calculation of your daily calorie budget. You just need to constantly record your meals and exercises. Lose It! gives recipe suggestions based on the foods that you record.

The latest version of Lose It! currently offers 4 different challenges: Weight Loss, Exercise, Days Logged, Fruit And Vegetables, Total Wellness Challenges. The app is compatible with other sport app like RunKeeper and smart devices like Fit bit, Google Fit, Jawbone U, Withings Scale. Another great thing from this app that social media sharing option, which enables you to share your exercise activity and result with your Twitter friends.

Lose It! is available for Android and iOS users and offers free version and premium upgraded. Lose It! Premium features extensive information such as body fat, hydration, sleep cycles, and more.